Do I Believe the Official 9/11 Story?

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I have been asked if I believe the official 9/11 story. There are many things I know little about, very little about, and have not taken the time to unravel, because I have better things to do with my time. This is one of them. A priori, I know or suspect that I can’t get the information I need in order to apply my distinct skills and make a difference in understanding, so I don’t bother with it. In numerous cases, I don’t believe I can make a contribution over and above what others are doing, so I don’t bother. It may interest you to know that on 9/11 I didn’t watch television or the event. I heard it from another room. I intentionally didn’t want to see it. I didn’t want that memory. I didn’t want it affecting my emotions. I didn’t want to see people suffering. I didn’t want to witness tragedy “live” if I didn’t have to. I’ve seen quite enough personal tragedy without adding that to it.

Therefore my beliefs about 9/11 tend not to be informed by the many claims and statements made since. I looked at pictures of Building 7’s collapse. I read some material on the structural possibilities. I looked at some material and photos on the Pentagon.  People who are informed about some things can be badly-informed or flat out wrong about many other things, and that includes me. My opinions on the whole thing aren’t worth much to anyone but here they are.

I never read the official story.

What I believe is that one building was intentionally demolished or dropped. I think it was called Building 7.

UPDATE: I no longer believe the preceding.

I believe that the government had many warnings beforehand and failed to do anything about them.

UPDATE: It didn’t connect the dots.

I also believe that something was already wrong with those buildings. They had a buildup of dust well before 9/11. I personally observed this some years before and read something about it later. I don’t know where that material is.

On the engineering aspect of whether they could collapse as they did, I am neutral. I lean to the idea that it was possible, if the buildings were already structurally unsound, which is what I tend to believe. Or possibly, like Building 7, they could have had some charges placed in them beforehand.

UPDATE: Again, I don’t think Building 7 (or any of the buildings) were intentionally exploded. Were they unsound? I don’t know.

On the aftermath, I thought that the government handling of any investigation was atrocious. The same thing happened with JFK. It is possible, even quite likely or very likely, that the government whitewashes and covers up all such events so that the truth can’t be found or found easily. Governments like secrecy. But I also think that a high degree of pure incompetency and stupidity prevail and that investigations are thoughtlessly botched. The people involved may not realize the importance of getting the facts straight and understanding what occurred.

UPDATE: Important evidence is gone, swept away, in the clean up.

On the Pentagon, I believe a plane went into it.

I believe that the men who did this, the Arabs, had the capacity to do it. In fact, I wrote a story several years earlier of a similar event in which terrorists trained in NJ, got a crop dusting plane, and flew it over NYC dispersing poison gas. This too shows that the government was asleep at the wheel.

I await evidence that clarifies any of the happenings. I have an open mind.

I do not lose any sleep or waste my time trying to figure it all out when I cannot get the information I require.

I can’t read the work of amateurs in the inquiries in which scientific standards of verification and confirmation are lacking without simply maintaining doubt.

I have doubts but until there is new evidence or revelations, I maintain them. This means that I have to live with unexplainable contradictions in my own thought or in extant theories. I live with all sorts of mysteries and contradictions all the time without bothering to clear them up, which is clearly impossible. That’s life.

I do not believe in unlikely conspiracies that require the silence or the participation or coordination of large numbers of persons in different organizations over long periods of time. For a good many facts and statements, I like to see confirmed statements made by at least TWO persons before I attach credibility to them.

UPDATE: Either the buildings came down solely as a result of the airplanes (and results of that in the case of Building 7) or they did not. I believe the airplanes did it. If they didn’t, i.e., if they were exploded intentionally after the airplane crashes, then the alternative is that there was a pre-arranged intent and arrangements. This boggles the mind, because of the size of the efforts and the numerous people that would have had to be involved. I see that as extremely risky for anyone in power, because its revelation would doom the whole government. I see it as highly improbable. By now, someone or ones would have felt the need to confess or sell their secrets. Government does manufacture incidents to start wars, but they are usually out of sight, as in the Gulf of Tonkin. This was not, and if it had been manufactured, I think evidence linking it to bin Laden would have been arranged.

7:08 am on March 3, 2012