Dissolve the Federal Government

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Every so often, I re-iterate this suggestion. Tonight with the revelations about the PRISM spying of the NSA, this is one of those times. I cannot be comprehensive, but I can mention a few reasons why you’ll be better off without the Federal Government (which is the U.S.A.).

You won’t pay any federal taxes. This includes the Social Security tax, the income tax, any tariffs, any excise taxes, any Medicare taxes, telephone taxes, gift taxes, inheritance taxes, capital gains taxes, dividend taxes, and others.

You won’t have to use fiat money. You’ll have a chance to use a money that holds its value.

You won’t have to support a bloated military/industrial complex, an agricultural complex, an education complex, a Wall Street complex, a banking complex, a scientific complex, or any federal crony capitalist complex. All these do is mis-direct the tax money taken from you.

Your won’t have to worry so much about foreign wars. You won’t have to fear terrorism as much. You will no longer be party to immoral invasions of other countries, and you won’t have to pay for them or suffer the loss and injury of loved ones in them.

Businesses won’t have to deal with a huge number of counter-productive  regulations that are holding them back and preventing them from hiring and training employees. New and smaller businesses will be able to form more easily and compete with larger companies whose federal subsidies and wealth transfers will disappear. Furthermore, a number of cartelized industries will face this competition.

More and better drugs will come to market. Airlines will shape up. More and better airports will be built.

You will stop the federalizing of local police forces, which includes training local police to be brutal and insensitive.

The War on Drugs will end, unless your state renews it. You will be able to buy drugs, such as marijuana or cocaine. You won’t be jailed for it. You won’t have to pay for supporting a million prisoners in prisons.

The minimum wage will be a thing of the past. Those who have been thrown out of work because of it will find new and better jobs appearing.

You will find with Medicare and Medicaid gone that the quality and quantity of medical services greatly improve.

You’ll be able to invest without the rigamarole of all those regulated investment retirement plans. Capital markets will start to function again, causing an increase in real investment. Prosperity and progress will grow.

You won’t be spied on at every turn. You’ll be able to invest overseas without being spied on. You won’t be searched and delayed at airports and other transportation nodes.

Gun owners won’t have to worry about federal gun laws. Think of that.

The result of lifting all the tax and regulatory burdens and having a stable money will be a vast increase in real saving, real investment and a greatly improved economy.

You won’t have to put up with national media that glorify Washington. Your attention can turn to local and state goings-on. You then can start to reform, reduce or even eliminate them.

Finally, you won’t be asked to vote at the national level. You won’t have to choose between thieves and con-men. You won’t have to listen to them. They will go into state and local government, however.

You won’t have to pay any attention to intellectuals who are pimps for the federal government.

You won’t have FEMA around anymore. You’ll kill any chance of mandatory national service, and also kill the tax-paid subsidies that go to AmeriCorps.

Once you see how much better life is without a federal government, then you will start thinking about dissolving the government of your state, or at least streamlining it.


5:24 pm on June 7, 2013