Dissent (Sort of) From a Reader on ‘WWZ’

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Writes JH:

I saw your post on Lew Rockwell. I agree with you about the movie; the UN is great, only the WHO organization and their vaccines can save us, a statist and neocon fantasy.

But those links posted about the book are misleading and they have got it dead wrong.

The author Max Brooks tries to give perspective of the zombie collapse from different viewpoints. Fascist, army, civilian, different countries e.t.c

But running through the entire book his political viewpoint is obvious, he is a Huffington Post-style progressive. There is veiled digs about racism, climate change and all the other progressive tropes throughout the whole book.

The book is pro left wing authoritarian not right wing.

In fact he even has an entire section in the book where capitalistic wall street guys were forced to dig ditches by the collective authority, but after a while they begrudgingly realised this work made them feel good and life was more fulfilling compared to their previous life as a rich guy. Yes the cliché Marxist utopia. Individualism is bad, collective is good.

The book ends with the big success story, Cuba, which succeeded because of its communism (but not said directly in those words).

8:48 am on July 5, 2013