Discussing the Undiscussable

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This Saturday I’ll be speaking twice in Austin, Texas, on — you’ll never guess — state nullification.  So far I’ve been having fun discussing this forbidden idea. The regime and its journalists expect the people to confine themselves to a discussion set on the central government’s terms.  We are not allowed to propose an idea that’s nowhere to be found on the three-by-five card of acceptable opinion.  Yet here we are.

Radio hosts have been much more receptive to the idea than I expected.  Most of the big radio hosts are of course playing it safe and refusing to discuss the issue, but I am consistently encountering sympathetic personalities who think the argument makes sense.  The Globe and Mail columnist Lew mentioned seems to like the book as well.  This is the second-largest newspaper in Canada.  He writes, “Quebec nullifies federal law all the time and Alberta nullifies it occasionally. Yet the country thrives. The fact is we need all the nullifiers we can get. It’s never wise to give a centralized government anything that approaches a quasi-monopoly on power.”

1:32 pm on July 21, 2010