Disconnect Cable and Satellite TV

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Writes Jay Stephenson:

I purchased this Roku digital internet receiver yesterday after cancelling my satellite service and highly recommend it as an alternative to the monopolized government affiliated cable/satellite companies, especially for its news content.   At no charge, I’m able to receive multiple international news channels (audio and video), including RT, that are streamed onto my television with a near perfect picture.  In addition to the free internet channels, there are several channels you do have to pay for, but unlike cable/satellite, you GET what you pay for when adding channels with this product.  My biggest problem with cable/satellite is that if you want to upgrade your service to receive one or two channels, you have to upgrade to the next tier to pay for hundreds of channels you don’t want featuring 24-hour infomercials. I previously had connected the internet to my Blu-Ray player, but this device has more content.

Note: You can also stream the thousands of movies and TV shows that are free to Amazon Prime members, or, of course pay as you go. They keep adding channels, too.

10:36 am on February 28, 2013