Diebold re-brands to counter criticism

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Remember Diebold? They make those voting machines that are susceptible to fraud and malfunction. Diebold has never managed to show that their machines are secure against attempts to affect election outcomes.

It’s true that old-fashioned paper ballots aren’t secure either, but it’s a lot easier to secretly remove 1,000 votes from a Diebold machine than it is to hide 1,000 physical paper ballots.

Since Diebold has never been able to successfully address these problems, it decided to simply rename itself, so now Diebold = Premier Election Solutions (PES).

And in case you’re wondering who is paying for all of this, Diebold’s spokesman explained it all when he mentioned that “the public dollar that ultimately pays for this” is your dollar.

10:55 pm on October 9, 2007