Did You Get Some Nickels? Free Money Coming Soon….

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I posted this urban legend regarding the phasing out of Nickels on November 30 of last year. Red faced, I updated it to note that I had been trolled, but stood by the math and the inevitability of just such an outcome. Gresham’s Law holds again, as our neighbors to the north have phased out their penny, which costs 1.6 cents for them to produce. Not long now until full vindication. Re-read the original post and math. Get some nickels – this is FREE money, folks. Note to those who emailed me wondering how to melt down and cash in on 6.7 cents worth of metals in a Nickel: You don’t. Just like pre-1964 silver coins are not melted, but held as a widely recognized, fixed amount of silver, so too will today’s Nickels. They have the year stamped on them and everything.

8:01 am on February 8, 2013