Did the Southern Poverty Law Center Instigate an Attempted Murder?

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The man arrested for shooting a security guard at the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, D.C. has said in court that he got the idea by reading the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map.” Interestingly, every time there’s a multiple shooting the Southern Poverty Law Center is the first to spread the (baseless) rumor in the media that the shooter is “thought to have links to right-wing hate groups.”

There is no group of individuals more devoted to spreading hate and intolerance than the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Their schtick is to label anyone who disagrees with their left-wing extremism as a “hate group” or “linked to” a hate group.  They basically call people names.  Their modus operandi is this:  1) to find one or two truly reprehensible people (neo-Nazis, KKK remnants, etc.) and label them “haters” and their associates a “hate group;”  then, 2) lump all conservatives and libertarians in the same category.  This latter list includes Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Constitution Party, Oath-Keepers, the American Enterprise Institute, and just about any prominent individual or organization that opposes their Marxist-inspired political agenda.   What else would one expect from an organization that idolizes and holds out as a role model for children and teachers the admitted “Weather Underground” terrorist William Ayers?

1:49 pm on April 29, 2013