Detroit: Rust to Riches

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Here’s my TV appearance on WHDN World News with Gary Franchi from a few days ago. The segment is titled, “Is Detroit Doomed?” I argue that Detroit is not doomed. The topics were (1) mostly about the Detroit economy and entrepreneurial renaissance, and (2) some minor paleo-primal and flu shot talk.

This coincided with my rolling out of my new Detroit themed blog that is titled “Detroit: Rust to Riches.” Thanks to Butler Shaffer for the blog name suggestion that beat all other suggestions. This blog will be about the uniqueness of the Detroit renaissance. The lens through which I view things is very different from the mainstream, or even the scattered blogosphere. This will not be a standard “this is my life in Detroit” blog. Though, I will intersperse some of that stuff, along with my Detroit photography, to keep the blog varied and intellectually interesting. As an economist and market anarchist, I look for topics that cast Detroit in the following light (short summary):

– Detroit’s resurgence due to an inept and powerless local bureaucracy (government) that cannot possibly keep up with regulating the renaissance of entrepreneurial and community ventures. (Example: unlike Chicago, a city with a totalitarian and powerful regulatory environment.)

– Entrepreneurial success in spite of government. (Example: food trucks, pop-ups, private bus service, farmers markets, private security, etc.)

Community voluntaryism, homesteading of property, and any and all “illegal” (as defined by government!) activities that revive property, serve customers, and/or create value.

– Detroit’s burgeoning art scene/graffiti scene and overall art culture, and how that is undergirding the resurgence and interest in Detroit.

– Urban farming / Community gardens / Etc.

– Private investment/renovations in Detroit communities.

Visit the blog and let me know what you think. Follow me on Twitter @karendecoster.

6:37 pm on February 4, 2013