Detroit Hates Honda, Too

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Following the Toyota apology to the Imperial Masters of the U.S. regime, the regime’s absolutist puppet masters and media stooges continue to heap scorn on their betters in the Japanese auto industry. It’s breathtaking to watch these imbecilic, laughable coots in Congress look down their noses at the proud leaders of Toyota. Akido Toyoda and Yoshimi Inaba were scolded like children by a bunch of corrupt, self-serving, self-important, plastic-haired megalomaniacs, alcoholics, and philanderers. Rep. Brian Bilbray from California pointed a finger at Toyoda and upbraided him as if he were caught smoking out in grandma’s garage.

“Where is the remorse?” scolded Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio. And Republican John Mica of Florida held aloft what he called an “absolutely appalling” Toyota report bragging of defusing a safety investigation.

Of Toyoda’s apology, Kaptur said, “I do not think it reflects significant remorse for those who have died.” Federal safety officials have received reports linking 34 deaths in the United States to safety defects in Toyota cars and trucks over the past decade.

Since the failure of the U.S. auto industry and the swift reawakening of the nearly defunct UAW under the Obama Administration’s union rebuilding strategy, I have noted that the last year here, in the Detroit area, has brought forth a new – and distinct – wave of Japanese automobile hatred. People hate the Japanese success, and even more so, they hate that anyone in Michigan should dare to want to own one of their cars. Everywhere I drive lately, everyone has those obnoxious-ignoramus bumper stickers plastered on the back of their cars (sometimes in pairs): “ARE YOU OUT OF A JOB YET? KEEP BUYING FOREIGN!”

I’ve been parking in the same parking garage downtown for over three months. Each day I backed my (American) car into the same spot without bother. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Honda, and the first day that I took it to work and backed it into “my” spot, I came out to find a warning posted on the vehicle that it was illegal to “back in” the parking spaces, and next time I would be ticketed and wheel locks would be put on the vehicle. I walked around and noted that all of the other (American) cars that were also backed into their parking spaces had no such yellow flyer pasted on their windshield. Each day, at least 1/3 of the cars back in to the parking spots, so obviously, no such rule exists.

The next two days I drove my other (American) car to work and I backed that car into the very same spot on both days. No ticket on either day. I told a friend, when I bought the Honda, that my biggest worry was having the car get “keyed” because of the extreme anti-Japanese car attitude that exists here. UAW thugs have no respect for other peoples’ choices and their right to freely transact and buy goods that satisfy their peculiar preferences.

Funny thing about the union culture here – it’s almost like being a Marine. Once a UAW’er, always a UAW’er. They are like an occupying force here. They refer to their unions as brotherhoods, and the commonality is that they are a culture of entitlement – not only while they are employed, but also long after they have left the workforce. The retirees are especially belligerent, and that’s because they want to maintain their place at the trough, retiring at sixty and spending the next thirty years getting paychecks, prescriptions, and health insurance.

The first thing that outsiders notice when they come to southeastern Michigan is that there are so few foreign cars here. I mean, they exist, but in such a small percentage as compared to most regions or states. So people definitely take note of what I am driving, because sometime, somewhere, they had relatives who lost jobs and had their lives ruined because of awful people like me.

The author of this post is from an autoworker family and has been employed in Corporate Accounting/Finance in the auto industry. She drives a Honda and rides a Harley Davidson. Her 2004 Harley Sportster 1200 has had one recall for an issue with the brakes (I am not kidding).

9:22 pm on February 24, 2010