Detroit Government Schools: The Free Lunch Economy

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When you hear the term “Detroit food economy,” it doesn’t refer to Detroit’s great economy of self-sufficient, homesteading urban farmers who defy government edicts and turn vacant land to productive use, nor does it refer to North America’s oldest and largest anarcho-farmer’s market that puts the industrial food system to shame. “Detroit food economy” is actually braggadocio terminology for the giganta-welfare model that proudly gives away 100,000 free meals a day to children of negligent, self-serving parents.

I listened to this rubbish on NPR today, where the Executive Director, Office of Food Services for Detroit Public Schools (yes, they have such a title) talked about her program that made her a local hero for managing to make it a sweeping entitlement for almost all Detroit children to get free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, thanks to bilking the taxpayers to fund this entitlement swamp. The same old bilge is trotted out to try and sell the warm-and-fuzzies to the peabrain halfwitted masses:

So to see the food program for the kids is a great blessing. You may have some kids this may be their only meal.

Only meal? But wait … it doesn’t end there … Detroit has also managed to plunge this city into further bankruptcy by also providing these kids with two meals/day all summer long via the summer food service program. The NPR show I listened to today also discussed why these programs should be expanded to include the parents … (yes, parents) in the free breakfast-lunch-dinner welfare-o-rama. The parents are hungry and they have to eat, too.

These are the same parents and/or kids that I see at the bus stops or restaurants, or elsewhere in the city, with smartphones (hint: pricey data plans), big-ticket baggy jeans adorned with leather or embroidered patterns, very expensive leather coats with the same adornments, $200+ hair jobs (including  hair extensions or wigs), $60+ nail salon workups (gel or acrylic, with airbrushed nail color), Cadillac Escalades and $30k+ Dodge Chargers, and an assortment of other VIN (Very Important Needs) adorning their bodies and cars. Imagine what you could afford in terms of ostentatious indulgences if you could pass off $400+/month in food bills to the redistribution state and its hoodwinked captives?

5:21 pm on February 26, 2013