Desperate Neocons Dig Up the Rotted, Smelly Corpse of Lincoln . . .

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. . . yet again in an amateurish rehash of nineteenth-century Republican Party propaganda (a.k.a., “Straussianism“) in the form of a National Neocon Review cover story titled “Defending Lincoln.”  The way to become politically relevant and win over America’s youth, says Rich Lowry (who apparently will always look like he just started shaving last week) is to continue to libel and smear Ron Paul and “the fever swamp of” while composing boring, poorly-written, long-winded apologies for the abolition of civil liberties, crackdowns on free speech, the imprisoning of dissenters, pervasive spying by the state, the deportation of political opponents, massive taxation and debt to pay for it all, centralized, monopolistic government, crony capitalism,  and above all, never-ending aggressive wars all around the world in the name of “making all men free.”

This of course is all in keeping with founding the ideology and main purpose of National Neocon Review’s founder, “former” CIA employee William F. Buckley, Jr., who wrote in the January 25, 1952 issue of The Commonweal magazine that what America needed was “the extensive and productive tax laws that are needed to support a vigorous anti-communist foreign policy . . . . we have got to accept Big Government for the duration — for neither an offensive nor a defensive war can be waged . . . except through the instrumentality of a totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores . . . . [including] large armies and air forces, atomic energy, central intelligence, war production boards, and the attendant centralization of power in Washington.”  (See Murray Rothbard, “Buckley Revealed” at:  Just a few years after Americans fought a war against fascism, the “founder of modern conservatism” demanded that conservatives adopt fascism as their ideology.  Buckley, in other words, was the original neoconman.

This is what it meant to be a “National Review Conservative” (a.k.a., fascist) in Buckley’s time as now.  The legitimacy of the Welfare/Warfare/Police state does not rest upon the Constitution but upon the myths and legends of Abraham Lincoln perpetrated by Republican Party hacks and propagandists like Rich Lowry.

7:54 am on June 7, 2013