Democrats Boycott Ron Paul Monetary Hearing 2

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Here is what I think: At the first hearing, when Rep. Lacy Clay (D-Banksters) smeared Tom DiLorenzo, the backlash against him was so huge and magnificent that all Dems decided to absent themselves in solidarity. Of course, after the first hearing, Krugman, WaPo, all the Fed-owned propagandists joined in to attack Tom and Ron, but they soon discovered something. Outside of the neocons, people either agree with Tom or don’t care about Lincoln. That is, as the prestige of the US nation state has plummeted, so has the reputation of its fiat-money Romulus, the Abester. Today, for the vast majority, he’s just the guy on the penny. Need I add that the prestige of the hitherto untouchable Fed has fallen right along with Lincoln and his penny?

9:42 am on March 17, 2011