Democrat Kathy Hochul Plumps for Drones at Niagara Falls Air Base

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What’s wrong with America? One thing for sure: its government. Here’s one example. There’s an air base in Niagara Falls. It’s a U.S. Air Force base called the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station. It’s run out of mission. It never had a good mission to begin with but that unproductive mission has run out. So now a local member of Congress has worked to get it a new mission, which would be DRONES. This too is unproductive, not to mention the other evils these are bringing as they are placed into use domestically. We already know their evil use overseas.

This will be approved today in the  Defense Authorization Bill being voted in Congress. Drones and the military in general are one big pork barrel. This is what the U.S. Constitution has wrought by centralizing defense in the federal government and creating a national defense monstrosity.

What else is wrong? There doesn’t seem to be a political way ever to cut this defense materially even when everyone knows it’s pork barrel waste. The system is dysfunctional. What else is wrong? To “sell” it, people like Hochul have to talk about 845 jobs or 553 jobs or some other total nonsense and make like it’s a really good reason for the pork barrel. What else is wrong? A good many people saying and hearing this nonsense believe it.

I favor dissolving the U.S. government. If states will secede and pull their citizens’ funds out of funding the federal government, that’s one way to do it. Democracy stinks, but if every activity of the federal government were put to a popular vote (eliminating Congress) and if a 2/3 supermajority rule were in place, I suspect that the government would shrink drastically. The people would probably vote in some crazy stuff, to be sure, but if it were easy to vote on them again, all it would take is a little over 1/3 of the people voting against it to stop it. This is meant as a thought experiment, not a proposal. I favor dissolving the U.S. government altogether. That still leaves the states intact, however, and they can again start to logroll and form coalitions that reconstitute a federal government. At least it will be much harder for them to do it and much more visible to their citizens who are being taxed to pay for the boondoggles. Dissolve the states too, but as a first helpful step, dissolve the federal government. This is a  conservative measure and also a measure that conserves liberty. Thomas Jefferson was more radical. He wrote of Shays’ Rebellion “God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion.”

2:11 pm on December 19, 2012