Democracy In Action vs Democracy Inaction

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The recent repeal of same sex marriage in California poses brings to light some of the usual problems for the pro-democracy, pro-state progressive left.

On the one hand, democracy, that marvelous tool, can be used to elect representatives but it can also be used to vote on specific issues. Same sex marriage suffered a loss by the very voters who the left-liberals love to empower. On the other hand, whenever voters vote “incorrectly” or oppose specific initiatives that are adored by the stato-progressives, then they will resort to somewhat less (directly) democratic means, such as the judiciary.

I wonder what is more important in the mind of most pro-state activists: methods or results? Of course, this happens with the pro-state conservatives whenever some of their initiatives are turned down, or when their opponents win via democracy.

Ultimately the problem is not so much democracy but the state itself. As Anthony Gregory recently explained,

There is no reason why businessmen, workers, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, athletes, plumbers, community organizers, and people of all walks of life, all religions and ethnic backgrounds, cannot coexist in peace and social consonance. The market economy in particular fosters a tolerance and harmony that allow hundreds of millions, actually billions, of people, each with very different interests and hopes, to live together in a world of honest competition and cooperation. The very fact that we are all different brings us together in peace, and society needs no presidents, no rulers of any kind, to experience the wonders of true diversity in an atmosphere of commerce, cultural exchange and liberty.

Indeed, without a state, we would expect issues such as same sex marriage to not keep many people up at night.

(Btw, I agree with Stephan Kinsella on this issue)

5:19 pm on November 8, 2008