Delegate Count: MSM Gets it Wrong Again

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Ron Paul came in #2 in the Nevada Presidential preference primary, with 14%, just ahead of McCain.

However, the important vote today in Nevada was for delegates to the state convention.

CNN and AP are incorrectly reporting national delegate counts based on the presidential poll, which is non-binding.

No national delegates have been chosen or allocated for Nevada. According to Tony Rosa, the nation’s leading authority on state primary rules:

As with Iowa, the Nevada GOP Precinct caucuses are electing delegates to the County Conventions. That is all. No national delegates are allocated in today’s caucuses. If the Nevada GOP were electing delegates to the national convention, they would have been penalized as were WY, NH, MI, SC, and FL. The March 5 county conventions will elect delegates to the April 26 state convention. Only then are the national convention delegates are elected.

Delegates elected today were unpledged. According to early reports, the Ron Paul delegate candidates did much better than the 13% received by Paul in the poll. In many precincts, Paul delegates WON OUTRIGHT MAJORITIES. The campaign is currently compiling precinct reports from around the state, but that may take a few days.

More details of Nevada GOP primary rules are here.

5:37 pm on January 19, 2008