Déjà Vu for the Tenth Time This Year

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Yawn. Yet another of the TSA’s pedophiles arrested for plying his trade away from the checkpoint, at home on his own time. When will you thugs learn? Yes, it’s your patriotic duty to molest Grammy and Gramps, Mom-to-Be, nuns, priests, honeymooners, buxom lasses, and luscious little kids at the airport. And yes, for reasons no one but Our Rulers can possibly understand, the same activity becomes a crime every elsewhere. So come on, think it through: You wanna be paid and promoted or imprisoned? If the former, wait until you’re at “work” to unleash the lust, OK? It’s not as though I haven’t warned you.

Bill Fisher, along with “Wimpie” and Lisa Simeone, dogs the TSA: You’ll rarely read an article online about this vile agency that doesn’t include a “reader’s comment” from one of the three and often all of them (their remarks are always heavy on facts, which is to say they’re scathing; I especially love it when they correct the corporate media’s errors or chastise the reporter for his obvious bias in favor of the TSA). Bill emailed me that our dedicated deviant above is “the tenth screener arrested this year for child sex crimes and the second one from [Orlando International].” Here’s his list to prove it.

8:41 am on November 3, 2011