Defeating Terrorist Swiss Chocolate

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In the “making friends worldwide” department, US bureaucrats from the Food and Drug Administration — those paragons of honesty and sound scientific judgment — are barging into the factories of Switzerland’s famed chocolatiers demanding to test their products for “for bioterrorism or radioactive threats.”

As RT reports further:

“The reason for that is the new America’s Food Safety Modernization Act, signed by President Obama in April 2011. From that time onwards Americans check all the food coming from abroad, Swiss chocolate no exception, in the country where products were produced prior to export.”

If the barbarism of the US seeking total control over the entire planet did not offend so much, one could almost conjure an amusing image of a corpulent FDA inspector bellying up to the testing room in the factory of a glorious Swiss chocolate producer and demanding “just one more truffle” — to keep America safe!

7:55 am on September 8, 2012