Deep Politics, the Unspeakable, and Libertarian Class Analysis

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With LRC readers in mind I have put together a new Amazon book list. This Listmania is based upon over forty years of careful reading and in-depth research into the arcane dark-side of American society. It is a synthesis of three seminal ideas: Peter Dale Scott’s crucial concept of “Deep Politics”; James W. Douglass’ masterful utilization of Thomas Merton’s meta-theological musings upon “the Unspeakable” in reference to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the resulting coup d’etat by the top echelon of the National Security State; and Murray N. Rothbard’s construct of Libertarian Class Analysis as a prism in which to examine the nature of the American state apparatus and its corrupt and destructive consequences. The ancillary investigative texts by other researchers bolster these primary exploratory ideas.

8:48 am on May 11, 2013