DeCoster and DiLorenzo Won’t Eat Here

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Honest Abe’s Burgers + Freedom?

Since the place advertises massive servings of junk carbs like onion rings, mac & cheese with plasticized cheese, burgers with more bun than meat, cinnamon rolls the size of my head, and Abe as an artifact of freedom (see my anti-Abe article from a dozen years ago), I don’t think  I’ll be visiting anytime soon. In fact, the name of the place will keep Tom DiLorenzo away, too. I’ll take a chance and speak for Tom when I say we’d both prefer the neat Austro-Hungarian restaurant, Maximilians, in North Hollywood where I recently visited with Butler Shaffer and David Gordon. I’ve heard rumors that the Chairman of the Mises Institute has also visited the restaurant that has absolutely nothing to do with Austrian economics.

It’s funny to note that Honest Abe’s is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, Butler Shaffer’s old stomping grounds. Thanks to Evan Leonhardt for the funny tip.

tom and karen

4:47 pm on January 29, 2013