Death Knell

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General McChrystal sounds taps, either for the war, or for the coming thousands of casualties coming back in the dead of night to Andrews AFB.

And don’t expect the GOP to  save us. It is full of people who would reinstate the draft if they had to, in order to populate Pakistan and Afghanistan with our troops and keep the war funding flowing. The recipients have  very able and numerous lobbyists, deep-pocket political donors, and “local” suppliers in each congressional district who will keep beating the drums for more war.

Ron Paul is not only correct, but prescient. No matter which party is in power, we won’t stop until we’re broke. Perhaps Afghans of the 22nd century will look like Americans—descendants of our troops who were abandoned there when our economy  collapsed.

I remember watching the Smothers Brothers program on February 25, 1968, when Pete Seeger was finally allowed to sing Waste Deep in the Big Muddy (“and the big fool said to push on”). That was a defining moment. I learned my first banjo licks from Pete’s beginner’s book almost 50 years ago, but this was his finest hour.

6:59 am on September 21, 2009