Death by Electrocution. All Hail The Taser!

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What is that I hear about these “non-lethal” weapons?

Again, we have what is becoming the typical police intervention. The suspect becomes disruptive and the police apply voltage. The suspect becomes unresponsive and then dies soon after at a hospital.

How can this be? We are told that the taser is humane, that it protects police officers. It’s not. It is an instrument of control, subjugation, fear mongering, torture and execution.

A couple of years ago, when Taser International announced that they were going to create a version for civilian use, the state protested:

“I think this could be easily abused,” said Hillsborough Sheriff David Gee, whose deputies carry Tasers. “This is not my first choice for a self defense weapon.”

This could “easily be abused,” he says, but not by the government?

We need to start seeing the police for what it is: a statist/socialist program where its officers are bureaucrats.

9:45 am on January 11, 2008