‘DC, Pontius Pilate, and Good Friday’

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Writes Casey Khan:

As you know it is Holy Week for the Church. As such, we reflect on Christ’s Passion and eventual Resurrection. Of course a great day of solemnity is Good Friday. Last year when I worked at a DC lawfirm, Good Friday was not a day off because the U.S. Federal Government and its Agencies worked that day, and will work again on Good Friday this year. How appropriate since DC really does fit the spirit of Pontius Pilate, which is the spirit of a place that presides over the slaughter of innocents. And like Pilate, DC continues to offer false dilemmas (see the false choice given between the murderer Barabas and the innocent Christ).

This year, I work for a Wall Street related firm, and this year I have Good Friday off since the financial and futures markets are closed. It is comforting, that in spite of the many problems that confront Wall Street, at least these markets are consistently able to recognize the solemnity of the Crucifixion of Christ. This is another triumph and tribute to trade that cannot be said of the American nation state.

6:58 pm on April 1, 2012