David Frum Resigns as Marketplace Commentator

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The former speechwriter for George W. Bush has served as a voice from the Right every other week on Marketplace. The voice from the Left during the other weeks is Robert Reich. Said Frum: “I’m just not representing the view of most people who call themselves Republicans and conservatives these days.” This is bad, because as rotten as Republicans and conservatives are these days, Frum is acknowledging that he is even worse. And he is. I have listened to him many times, read his books and columns, and listened to his words coming out of the mouth of Bush. In his farewell interview with Marketplace, Frum said: “And what I think we have to do at a moment like this: Have a very, very open creation of money and credit. This is not a moment for government to be cutting back.” Good Riddance.

11:28 am on October 13, 2011