David Brooks

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Michael, David Brooks is an opportunist Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times. The Times is the most prestigious newspaper in the nation. However a more accurate way of putting it is that this arrogant shape-shifting whore is a sycophantic shill and unctuous tool for that pinnacle of the establishment’s dead-tree media, The New York Times. Think of a more mercenary, more opportunistic version of the late Walter Lippmann or George Will, and that is David Brooks — pro big government, pro Obama, pro Iraq War, pro Zionist, pro choice, pro gay marriage, pro gun control — an authentic “responsible conservative” voice. Brooks is the national nanny-state momma. This whining scold is constantly lecturing all of us wayward teenage delinquents who compose the freedom movement and its supporters.  We are simply ignorant adolescents — hopelessly rebellious, awkward, and gawky — who should listen to the wise council of our educated betters, those better sorts who compose the “educated classes,” as found on the faculties of the Ivy League universities, the Council on Foreign Relations, Wall Street investment firms, and of course, The New York Times. Here is a portion of an earlier Brook’s rebuke aimed towards “the tea party“: 

“The public is not only shifting from left to right. Every single idea associated with the educated class has grown more unpopular over the past year.

“The educated class believes in global warming, so public skepticism about global warming is on the rise. The educated class supports abortion rights, so public opinion is shifting against them. The educated class supports gun control, so opposition to gun control is mounting.

“The story is the same in foreign affairs. The educated class is internationalist, so isolationist sentiment is now at an all-time high, according to a Pew Research Center survey. The educated class believes in multilateral action, so the number of Americans who believe we should “go our own way” has risen sharply.

“A year ago, the Obama supporters were the passionate ones. Now the tea party brigades have all the intensity.

“The tea party movement is a large, fractious confederation of Americans who are defined by what they are against. They are against the concentrated power of the educated class. They believe big government, big business, big media and the affluent professionals are merging to form self-serving oligarchy — with bloated government, unsustainable deficits, high taxes and intrusive regulation.”

In other words, these illiterate simpletons, these backward peasants who compose the tea party movement, are aligned against the northeastern establishment, his peers, the august personages with whom he dines, clubs, and schmoozes.  These are same elites who systematically have destroyed the American Republic and its civilizational foundation over the last century.

The New York Times has been apologists for virtually every evil genocidal regime on the planet for the past 100 years.  They served as the complacent and compliant mouthpiece for every presidential administration lying our nation into war since McKinley and Spain in 1898, to Obama and Syria in 2013.

The New York Times — think of:

Stalinist stooge Walter Duranty and the Ukrainian famine of the 1930;

The Times shameful cover-up of the Nazi Holocaust in the early 1940s;

China, Mao Zedong, and the myth of “agrarian reformers” in the late 1940s;

Herbert L. Mathews, Fidel Castro and Cuba in the 1950s;

Vietnam and the Gulf of Tonkin in the 1960s;

Jayson Blair and plagiarism;

Judith Miller, Iraq, and the Weapons of Mass Destruction;

11:15 am on June 13, 2013