David Boaz: Defender of Murderers and Rapists?

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Tom, if one applies Boaz’s own third-grade method of argumentation, one would have to conclude that he and his fellow beltway GOP lapdogs must be defenders of murderers and rapists.  After all, none of his writings ever explicitly renounces murder and rape; therefore, he must be for it, or just doesn’t care one way or the other.   

Boaz’s asinine argument reminds me of occasional emails I receive from the knuckle-dragging/mouthbreathing crowd asking, “Why don’t you LewRockwell.com columnists spend more time denouncing slavery?”  The few times I have bothered to respond, the answer is: “For the same reason we don’t spend time denouncing rape and murder.  Who on earth is NOT against slavery, for godsake?!” 

In addition, Boaz is simply lying when he asserts that, unlike his sanctimonious self, we ignore the issue of slavery.  In The Real Lincoln I wrote that “the one unequivocal good that came of Lincoln’s war was the abolition of slavery.”  These beltway champions of centralized governmental power always ignore such aspects of our writing because their goal is to defend the centralized state, which they foolishly believe can be tamed by the charming wit and wisdom of the David Boazes of the world. 

One more thing:  Boaz complains that there are too many “straight white males” in the population of libertarians.  This may be true of the Cato Institute in particular, and beltway “libertarians” in general, but one gets a very different picture if one attends a Campaign for Liberty/Ron Paul rally, something that Boaz would never be caught dead doing.

8:09 am on April 7, 2010