David Axelrod Is Right

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The former campaign aide said that the government is far too vast to be controlled by Obama. He was making an excuse, but he’s still right. In fact, any president is just a smiley face on the lapel of the oligarchy. Yet we all talk as if he’s in control, which is what the regime wants. Because of the predatory nature of the state, especially a global empire, sooner or later the people begin to hate the president, and so the oligarchy changes the smiley face. But sometimes, in these latter days of fascism, it pays the regime to stage an impeachment. It’s a great distraction from murderous wars, 1984ish tyranny, plutocratic rip-offs, and poverty-producing Fed crises. While presidents are always eminently hateable, we should always keep our eye on the permanent evil, the presidency, and those who grow rich and powerful from it. What dastardly schemes do they have in mind, or horrific disasters, from which they want us distracted?

8:08 am on May 16, 2013