Dark Days Ahead

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Ruminations amidst the ruins:

If Romney wins the GOP nomination, he will lose the general election. If Obama wins, he will be impeached. He will thus buy impeachment insurance next year in much the same way that Bush did – with his selection of an abominable vice-president: he will dump Joe and run with Hillary Clinton. “Now impeach me,” he will chortle!

Obama had better think hard on this. On the one hand, the Chicago mob that runs him will tell him it’s a no-brainer. One the other hand, the Chicago mob has a longer memory than most pols: they remember JFK’s selection of Lyndon Johnson, who Bobby was sure would turn down the offer. Instead, LBJ, accepted, and, after two years of drinking alone in his senate office (as VP and the senate’s presiding officer, he had a luxurious office there), he, shall we say, finally used the opportunity to his advantage.

History never repeats itself, of course, but Bill and Hill rhyme, and so does history.

1:03 pm on October 7, 2011