‘Daily Beast’ Smears Ron Paul

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I’m sure Dana Goldstein is not an ex-Stasi agent, but like all anti-Ron Paul types, she sure argues like one. Ron Paul has a supporter who knows a guy who is linked to a gal who is a nut (or a great person who seems like a nut to the beastie girls). These people fear Ron Paul and his peaceful army of supporters, and rightly so. We threaten their bailouts, their Fed, their wars, their empire.  And Beasts, the smears won’t work any more than they did the last time.

UPDATE: Note that the URL for this article, from these compassionate, sensitive liberal lovers of the poor and downtrodden, has the phrase “revenge of the paultards” in it, their original or placeholder title. Like all the anti-Ron Paulians who use that nasty phrase, they don’t mind demonizing the mentally challenged in their drive to attack our movement. What sweethearts.


UPDATE: Funny how left and right agree on the Fed as the foundation and core of civilization. Thanks to U.P., here is one of the reich-wing sites, Little Green Footballs:

Barney Frank Surrenders to the Paulians
POLITICS | Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 10:34:58 am PDT

Ron Paul’s star continues to rise like a bad moon: Frank Said to Back Broader Fed Audits

Rep. Ron Paul said he has a commitment from the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, to advance the Texas Republican’s legislation opening the Federal Reserve to broader federal audits.In an interview Friday, Mr. Paul said Mr. Frank agreed to allow a vote on the bill and to work on language that would allow the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, to audit the Fed’s monetary-policy operations. While details are unresolved, the discussions increase the likelihood that some version of Mr. Paul’s bill will pass the House.

“Barney told me, ‘It’s going to come. You’re going to get what you want,’ ” Mr. Paul said. “We’re going to have some hearings and we’ll get a vote.”

UPDATE at 8/31/09 11:00:53 am:

If you think auditing the Fed might not be a bad idea, I suggest you read this: Auditing the Fed Is Economic Suicide.

And please note that Ron Paul has been completely open about the fact that he sees this proposal as just the first step in a wider plan to abolish the Federal Reserve entirely and return to the gold standard. The whole purpose of the legislation is to go on a fishing expedition, and come up with something they can portray as a reason to push their more extreme plans.

1:39 pm on August 31, 2009