Cursing Is Part of Military Training

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And so are some other bad habits, says this veteran:

Cursing is part of the training for any soldier or Marine. When I entered boot camp, I quickly learned that my girlfriend back home was not actually my girlfriend, but a “c—” and “b—-.” It took me years to eliminate curse words from my vocabulary after I was discharged from the Marines even though I was considered a special class citizen where it’s permissible to use them. Even my parents didn’t have a problem if I accidentally slipped out a curse word since I supposedly earned that right because I was in the military. The military breaks down any sense of moral or family purpose early on to eliminate one’s moral conscience to make better killers. That’s why prostitution is extremely rampant outside almost all military bases and women are considered sex objects instead of monogamous partners. Remember the Abu Ghraib photos that showed prisoners being sexually humiliated during the Iraq war? The young enlistees involved were simply acting in response to early subconscious conditioning from their superiors. But, of course, that didn’t stop the military industrial complex from portraying them as a rogue element within the Army and, hence, ruining their lives forever.

And Christians want to join the military? And any decent person wants to join the military?

7:07 am on May 25, 2013