Curfews and arrests: How New Orleans protects you

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Always a sucker for juicy tidbits on how the good Cajun folk down in da bayou are doing, I found this gem coming out of Jefferson Parish (the county just west of New Orleans) regarding new evacuation rules:

Jefferson Parish leaders say they will not use force to pry residents from homes when they call a mandatory evacuation for a hurricane, but they plan to make conditions so inhospitable and resources so scant that many will elect to leave anyway.

The Parish Council on Wednesday approved an emergency ordinance that empowers the parish president to impose a round-the-clock curfew on residents who disregard mandatory evacuation orders. If squatters leave their houses during the lockdown, they could face questioning and arrest.

Parish President Aaron Broussard said the law should convince residents whose homes survived Hurricane Katrina but were despoiled by looters that they do not need to stay behind to defend their property.

Nothing to worry about, people. It’s all under control. The levees work, there will be no gun confiscation or looting and the cops will be everywhere to protect each and every home. We’re in good hands.

2:34 pm on August 31, 2006