Cubans now allowed a few scraps from Castro’s table

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These recent stories of how Cubans are now allowed basic freedoms stolen from them by Castro only illustrate how totally un-free Cuba was under Fidel.

It also illustrates how despicable have been Hollywood groupies like Oliver Stone who have fawned over Castro for years, and who have told us that Cuba is little short of Paradise. That’s true if Paradise is a place where people are paid $19.50 per month and are forced to buy all their goods from a fixed menu of fifth-rate obsolete products at government owned stores.

Notice also how the United States contributes to their oppression:

The Cuban PCs have Intel Celeron processors with 80 gigabytes of memory and 512 RAM and are equipped with Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system. Both could be violations of a U.S. trade embargo, but not something Washington can do anything about in the absence of diplomatic relations with Havana.

Let’s hope there are many more of these violations of the embargo to come.

1:39 pm on May 3, 2008