Cuba Leads the Way!

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Drudge reports that Cuba has proposed eliminating a million government jobs, half a million in the next 6 months. Cuba has over 11 million people, so these 500,000 state workers represent about 5% of the population who will soon be free to produce and thrive. The US, on the other hand, is doing this: (Red line is government employees, blue line is those American workers who actually make things.)

Cuba is throwing down! For Washington to rise to the challenge, we would have to end 13.5 million federal positions in 180 days. In theory, this is doable — it would simply be a corrective to the burgeoning growth of government since the mid-1960s (about the same time we really started hating those darn Cuban commies). Imagine the mood shift in America as former federal cubicle dwellers and inspectors start producing real goods and services! I can hear the whining and feel the socialist outrage…but that smell in the air…could it be…liberty? Wait, no, it’s Washington crapping in its collectivist pants. Fidel outlives 10 US presidencies, and now this. Cuba 2, US 0.

10:41 pm on October 3, 2010