Crystal’s Day of Reckoning: The Duke Case Comes Full Circle

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Crystal Gail Mangum, the prostitute who made the false charges against the Duke Lacrosse players four years ago, is in the news — having been arrested for attempted murder. It seems that Crystal has this thing about bathrooms, as she claimed to have been raped in a bathroom, and now she allegedly engages in a number of crimes — in a bathroom. (Note to self; don’t go into a bathroom with Crystal. Not a good idea.)

No doubt, we will hear from various leftists that this “proves” nothing, and certainly does not prove Crystal was lying. True, but nonetheless Crystal still was lying, and now the system no longer is going to cover for her criminal behavior. She took thousands of dollars from a federally-funded “victims’ fund” while she was pressing the false charges, which actually falls into the felony fraud category. No one prosecuted her for that, but no doubt, she is going to have a harder time getting away this time. What goes around comes around, I guess.

10:54 am on February 18, 2010