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I can’t help but enjoy Rod Blagojevich, who refuses to go gently into that bad night. Federal persecutor Paddy Fitzgerald took down Rod almost overnight, with the cooperation of the Illinois legistooges, when it became clear that Obama and Rahm, etc. were also guilty of politics, and it was caught on tape. That’s why, despite Rod’s insistent request, the feds are hiding some of their eavesdropping. So now Rod has issued a subpoena for the godking himself. The feds blacked out the juicy bits, but not for long. Here are the charges, most of which seem transparently true. Of course, Obama was on the Rezko payroll. Of course, Barack and Rahm offered payments for the correct senate appointment. The federal courts will protect the federal president, but sedition is so much fun. Read it and laugh.

4:32 pm on April 22, 2010