Crisis? Obama and U.S. Credibility?

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The mainstream media are using the term “crisis” concerning Ukraine. THERE IS NO REAL CRISIS for the U.S. government and certainly not for Americans. Any such view of the U.S. role is distorted and misleading because the U.S. has injected itself into Ukraine’s affairs. All it has to do is stop meddling and the so-called “crisis” vanishes. The U.S. leadership’s meddling is the direct cause of the media’s labeling its participation a “crisis” and worrying about this as a “test” of Obama’s decisiveness, credibility and leadership.

It’s all as phony and trumped up as can be, because the meddling of Obama and the U.S. government in Ukraine is so unnecessary. Nothing vital or even important was at stake for Americans no matter what transpired in Ukraine or between Ukraine and Russia. Nothing. No vital interests. No national security. Nothing.

10:30 am on March 4, 2014