Crimea Was Not Invaded

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On March 8, in a blog, I asked “Did Russia Invade Crimea?” and I made the factual case that “Russia didn’t invade Crimea.” Today when I search google for Crimea invasion, I find numerous entries using the term Crimea invasion, even though it never happened. Interventions occurred but not an invasion.

To its credit, the Wikipedia article on intervention mentions invasion only once, and in that case the quote doesn’t characterize the interventions by Russians as invasion: “CIA director John Brennan told a senior lawmaker Monday that a 1997 treaty between Russia and Ukraine allows up to 25,000 Russia troops in the vital Crimea region, so Russia may not consider its recent troop movements to be an invasion, U.S. officials said.”

Wikipedia takes a minority position. Many important media outlets use the term “invasion” freely.

It is behavior like this that reinforces my already firmly-held opinion that a great many media are for the most part irresponsible and therefore untrustworthy sources for understanding events. And if they cannot do that job properly, what good are they?

2:29 pm on April 3, 2014