Crazed Government Nationalism Land Grab

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Why is the park service stealing peoples’ land? Because, except for a “few exceptions, these negotiations have been unsuccessful,” the park service said in a statement. So the government will condemn the land and take it.

One man inherited property that his grandfather bought during the Depression. A Lutheran pastor owns a cottage where he planned to retire with his wife. Two others own businesses.

But they and other property owners in rural southwestern Pennsylvania knew things would change in the aftermath of United Flight 93’s crash on Sept. 11, 2001, which killed 40 passengers and crew and four terrorist hijackers. Plans were soon in the works for a memorial to honor the victims. Property owners say they realized that and were willing to cooperate and help make it happen.

But now that the government intends to take their land by eminent domain so the Flight 93 memorial can be built by the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks, property owners say they’re disappointed and surprised by the plan.

And this is so the government can appeal to a nation of idiots who embrace this feel-good, patriotic baloney. Thanks to Mark Fee for the link.

5:38 pm on May 7, 2009