Crafting the Modern Security State

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The current issue (Nov. 2003) of Chronicles makes it clear why Rothbard thought he could make an alliance with these guys. Editor Thomas Fleming starts his article about the Renaissance-era rise of the cult of the State with this marvelous passage: “American Christians love to deceive themselves. They close their eyes and pretend that the government’s war against their religion is a temporary aberration; they insist – against all the evidence – that Abraham Lincoln was a Christian; and, when some federal judge dictates a decree stripping the town square of its cross and creche or tearing down the Ten Commandments from a courthouse, they solemnly declare that this act of usurpation is an outrage against the Christian founding of this Christian nation. So long as this pretense is maintained, effective action to protect Christian institutions wil never be taken.”

Sam Francis writes in “A Monopoly of Violence” that “The very existence of these [secret] services under the Tudors and their successors and their continued use by governments today, even in what are pleasantly called ‘democracies,’ seriously calls into question the very concept of the ‘consent of the governed.’ What their existence suggests is rather that ‘consent’ is in large part the invention of those who control the state apparatus and its extensions in the dominant culture.”

Aaron D. Wolf further deals with misplaced trust in the government by Christians in “Divided Loyalties, Misplaced Hopes: ‘Put Not Your Trust in Princes'”. Great stuff!

1:40 pm on October 29, 2003