CPAC Liars

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The official CPAC 2012 video is now showing on the CPAC 2012 website. I have watched the video. The first half slams Obama. Fine, but why was CPAC silent when Bush did some of the same things that Obama is doing? The second half praises conservatism. It closes with the words: constitutionally limited government, individual liberty, free markets, strong national defense, preserving traditional values.

Constitutionally limited government? Do conservatives actually follow the Constitution? Of course not.

Individual liberty? Does individual liberty include the liberty to smoke pot? Of course not.

Free Markets? Do free markets include a free market in health care including organ sales? Of course not.

Strong national defense? Does this mean that the military should be limited to defense with no foreign wars? Of course not.

Preserving traditional values? Does this mean no sexual assaults by the TSA on conservative mothers and daughters? Of course not.

Yes, the video omits any images of Ron Paul. I think this is a good thing since he is not a liar and a hypocrite like CPAC conservatives and Republicans. Remember that it was at CPAC 2011 that war criminal Rumsfeld was presented with the defender of the Constitution award by war criminal Cheney. There is no hope in conservatives or conservatism.

12:24 pm on October 7, 2011