Court Historians Triumph Again at the History Channel

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Here is news concerning The History Channel’s latest asinine episode as keepers of the flame of historical orthodoxy and political correctness.  Due to pressure from a campaign organized by leftwing documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald, the network has caved and will not air a miniseries on the Kennedy family because it does not meet the high standards of excellence and integrity of the “History brand.”  Gee, I guess “The Kennedys” didn’t have enough juicy stuff about Freemasons, crop circles, pawn shops, or UFOs.  God forbid if the forbidden series had a little of this or this to share with its audience.  The network foolishly did this once before with an episode of The Men Who Killed Kennedy — The Guilty Men, which aired but was later thrust down the Orwellian Memory Hole due to pressure from LBJ loyalists and supplicants.  Luckily the black hole of history now contains YouTube, and such inconvenient truths don’t disappear as in the good old days before the Internet.

3:18 pm on January 8, 2011