Coulter’s cold, red meat

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Ann Coulter has apparently decided that red meat beats serious thinking any day (after all, her speaking fees would plummet if her audiences were limited to rational beings).

Even Aquinas wanted to talk to the Mohammedans — “We have Aristotle in common,” he said. But for Ann, the enemies of us Manichees are all animals. Here, Ann reverts to the primitive view of the pre-Aristotelean barbarians).

Ann pretends to have a razor-sharp, lawyerly mind, but she resists dulling it on the hard rock of reality. She celebrates Bush’s Knesset speech, but does not object to Bush’s blatantly unconstitutional (and decidedly non-Christian) assurance that the U.S. will stand beside Israel “forever” (hey, I thought that was Hagee’s department).

Let’s face it (sigh), the neocons are going to drag out that same lame pony in 2008 that they whipped around the track in 2004. “Be VERY AFRAID of the Democrats,” they will cry. Ask them about Bush, and they will say, “who???” And McCain? “How do you spell it??!! And say, aren’t you VERY AFRAID of Obama?”

There’s nothing so boring as fear itself, served up three times a week by hucksters who long ago sold out on rational discussion.

12:09 pm on May 23, 2008