Cops Nab the Wrong Suspect AGAIN

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Bloomfield[, CT] police took a man into custody on Monday afternoon when he was found with a BB gun near the route President Barack Obama’s motorcade was taking … Police said on Monday that a man was standing near the intersection … while President Obama’s motorcade passed and that officers noticed him him pacing back and forth before pulling out what appeared to be rifle.”

But by Tuesday, the story had changed.  “…Joseph Stravinskas, 27, was shooting at cans behind a house about half an hour before the presidential motorcade came by.”

No matter. They arrested poor Joseph and charged him “with breach of peace in the second degree, threatening in the second degree and interfering with an officer” – though he instantly obeyed the thugs’ commands, according to the newspaper.

Thanks to Scott Airhart for the link and the belly-laugh over the police-state’s paranoia. A guy shooting cans near the Holy One’s route, 30 minutes ahead of Our Rulers’ impending invasion, scares these gutless bozos silly. Meanwhile, the cowards actually charged this innocent citizen with “disturbing the peace” instead of Obummer.

Update: David writes, “Leave it to shilling Americans, in some of their [readers’ comments], to actually call the man a ‘fool’ for shooting this BB gun, behind the house no less, while having no idea of what was going on.  So now we’re supposed to be psychic and ever aware of when the holy one is passing by, hours in advance so as to stay caged up in our hovels lest we offend the cops?”

12:50 pm on April 10, 2013