Contrasting Conventions

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Besides Lew Rockwell’s great speech, I was only able to catch a few minutes of Ron Paul’s speech and other events at the Rally for the Republic. But what an inspiring sight that full arena was — and what a great contrast between the substantive ideas coming from Paul and Rockwell and the empty slogans repeated at the Republican and Democrat conventions.

Speaking of the conventions, I also caught a minute or two of Joe Lieberman at the Republican convention. The portion that I heard was so devoid of content — describing McCain and Palin’s putative virtues in the most general language, to the audience’s loud approval — that it was difficult to feel outrage or much of anything in response to it.

Far more disturbing was the sea of signs on the convention floor, red ones saying “SERVICE” and blue ones saying “COUNTRY FIRST,” with convention-goers chanting the latter collectivist catch phrase. The Democrats’ convention just made me cringe and groan; this, however, was terrifying, like something out of science fiction. Ron Paul’s movement has its work cut out for it.

12:22 am on September 3, 2008