Conspiracy Theory

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The 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination saw a mainstream media blackout of nearly all evidence of conspiracy in that case. But New York Magazine went even further, mocking the proven Contra-cocaine scandal as a “conspiracy theory.” Investigative journalist Robert Parry sets the historical record straight.

“To  be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child,” observed Marcus Tullius Cicero.

It is imperative that the newer generation of LRC readers become cognizant of, and acquainted with, the chain of historical events which led up to today’s National Security State and the American empire.  From Harry Truman to Barack Obama, we have seen an out-of-control executive branch wage unconstitutional, undeclared wars by centralizing power in the presidency.  How did this all come about?  Here are three exceptional documentaries which introduce that history.  The first film is the 1987 PBS documentary, The Secret Government:  The Constitution In Crisis, narrated by Bill Moyers.  It explores the comprehensive background of the secret covert government established in 1947 by the National Security Act.  In particular, this powerful video compares and contrasts the Iran-Contra affair of the Reagan era with that of the Watergate scandal of 12 years earlier which brought down Richard Nixon.  The second documentary is the exceedingly rarely seen 1988  Coverup:  Behind the Iran Contra Affair, narrated by Elizabeth Montgomery.  As you watch this extraordinary story unfold, you will see precisely why this incredible film has been shoved down the Orwellian Memory Hole for many decades.  It discusses not only the hidden dimensions of the Iran-Contra affair but also the October Surprise scandal of 1980; CIA complicity in the global narcotics trade; CIA assassinations and covert activities; and FEMA, REX84, and the suspension of the U. S. Constitution.

Many of the Reagan administration criminals and nefarious characters featured in both of these first two documentaries will later turn up in the George W. Bush administration — “continuity of government.”  A key component to the Iran-Contra affair was the secret shipment of cocaine from Central America to the United States under the cover of the National Security State.  One of the major delivery points of these narcotics was Mena, Arkansas.  The third documentary, The Clinton Chronicles, details how then Governor Bill Clinton and his administration were up to their eyeballs in these illegal covert activities.

8:37 pm on December 4, 2013