Conspiracy Theories

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A conservative English blogger I admire has recently been denouncing the alleged evils of conspiracy theories, even claiming that they originate in “American fascism.” As a commenter pointed out, this blogger is a proponent of the theory that a secretive cabal of government officials, scientists, interest groups, corporate interests, and the UN have foisted the global warming nonsense on us. He’s right, of course. The blogger’s view of Osama—that he was at the center of a global cabal running and funding terrorists in many countries—is a conspiracy theory, too. As Murray Rothbard pointed out, there are good conspiracy theories and bad conspiracy theories. Our job is to tell the difference, not to join the demonization mob against those who do not accept official tales. And not to reject any tool that helps us understand the reality of the vicious struggle for power over others: politics.

9:29 pm on May 5, 2011