Conservatives Defame a Good Man

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Now that Ron Paul is no longer in the Congress, it is hard to keep from condemning the whole rotten bunch of the “honorable” representatives in the U.S. House of Crooks and Liars. Walter Jones is a great exception. One group of people that rank right down there with House members are conservative warmongers in the media. In a story on Breitbart about the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) dropping a brutal new television ad against Jones, the writer says that Jones has “liberal views on foreign policy” because he opposes sanctions on Iran. He also says that Jones is “deeply conservative on spending isssues but has veered far to the left on foreign policy in recent years.”

This is pure nonsense. Since when is being for nonintervention “liberal” and “left”? Liberals and leftists are just as much interventionist as conservatives and rightists. A noninterventionist foreign policy is a sane policy. It is the policy of the Founders. It is the policy of Ron Paul. It is the policy of the Old Right. It is the policy of millions of Americans who are sick of the U.S. being the policeman of the world. It is not the policy of warmongering, military-worshiping conservatives.

11:49 am on April 2, 2014