Conservative Republican Billboads

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Writes Dan Ruchames: “Your blog about ‘ugly anti-smoking propaganda’ reminded me, as a Michigan resident, of some atrocious billboards erected during the ‘conservative’ John Engler administration and reportedly paid for by the tobacco settlement. One I remember had an ashtray in the form of a mouth complete with red lipstick and tobacco butts, and the caption ‘kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.’ Another had a picture of an attractive girl, about 19 years old, with cigarette, captioned “the way she looks to herself.” Alongside was a second picture, captioned “the way she looks to others” (or something to that effect), picturing her transformed into a witch-like figure.

“Thankfully these billboards have been replaced with anti-smoking messages of a less offensive nature, but for two or three years they stood as examples of the type of propaganda you mention (and I speak as a non-smoker).”

8:17 pm on January 5, 2004