Conservatism in America Since 1930

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It’s always nice when we’re not written out of the conservative movement. A new book featured this month by the Conservative Book Club looks to give one of the fairest overviews of the conservative movement that I’ve seen. Editor Gregory L. Schneider includes selections from the usual suspects in his Conservatism in America Since 1930, like Buckley, Russell Kirk, Frank Meyer, Barry Goldwater and Whittaker Chambers. But he also includes portions from Albert Jay Nock’s Our Enemy, the State, F. A. Hayek’s “Why I Am Not A Conservative”, Murray Rothbard on “What is Libertarianism”, Stephen J. Tonsor’s “Why I Am Not a Neoconservative”, Samuel Francis’ Beautiful Losers: Why Conservatism Failed and Pat Buchanan’s A Republic, Not An Empire.

This one’s probably been mentioned before, but I also note A Constitutional History of Secession by John Remington Graham. With endorsements by Clyde Wilson and a forward by Donald Livingston, this looks like another winner.

10:12 pm on July 30, 2003