Congress Enslaves: See The Internet Kill-Switch

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I know that Congress and those who influence Congress are out for loot, power, their own personal goals, and perquisites, but at my end, which is the receiving end, the outcomes flowing out of Congress enslave. From my perspective, understanding their motivations means very little: Congress to me is simply a powerfully destructive institution that ties America up in knots. It enslaves. What else than enslavement would you expect an institution with such massive power to produce? Certainly not a beneficent regard for the persons it controls or for the public interest. Enslavement is its most important product (at my end). A recent case in point is the internet kill-switch legislation re-introduced by Senators Collins and Lieberman. See, for example, this discussion and comments. Just as President Truman once seized the steel mills, future Presidents might seize the internet. They’d have the congressional authorization and the gradually-built up precedents to make this pass judicial muster. They could close down free speech. For government officials, this is a rational augmentation of their power, but from where I sit, and I hope you and many others sit, it’s outrageous totalitarian control. More enslavement.

4:28 am on January 29, 2011